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The challenge of asset owners top-down bottom-up alignment with managers

For pension funds with a large roster of external managers, balancing the integration of top-down strategy with managers’ bottom-up implementation is one of the most challenging tasks says Mark Walker, CIO of Coal Pension. The key is to ensure external managers truly understand the strategic goals for the allocation.
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IMCO World View: Decoupling, tech and private markets drive future trends

Many of the certainties investors have taken for granted over the past several decades appear to be fading. In its World View research, Canada's IMCO reflects on the years ahead

Phase down or phase-out: Is there a difference?

The “phase out” or “phase down” of coal use leads us down two different paths with the Thinkin Ahead’s Tim Hodgson arguing that phase out is a choice to save the planet, while phase down is an attempt to save our unsustainable way of life.
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Asset Owner Directory

The Asset Owner Directory is an interactive tool to give readers an insight into the world of global asset owners. It includes key information for the largest asset owners around the world such as key personnel, asset allocation and performance.

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Investor Profile

Wellcome Trust: Hedge funds, property and low allocation to equity delivers

Allocations to property, some hedge funds and holding most of its assets in currencies other than sterling, helped Wellcome Trust withstand the impact of last year's simultaneous decline in prices in equities, government bonds and corporate credit on a scale not seen for many years.

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Fiduciary Investors Symposium

PGGM’s quest for cultural change

The world is changing so rapidly, traditional five-year investment plans are increasingly difficult to implement. Asset owners, head-down and concentrating on just the next five-years, risk “opening the curtains” to find the world around them has moved on much faster than they realised, said Geraldine Leegwater, CIO, PGGM.
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Fiduciary Investors Symposium

The global economy is increasingly bifurcated between the US, Europe and Asia, how the growth projections and geopolitical risks between these regions is of increasing interest to institutional investors. This first Fiduciary Investors Symposium based in Asia will look at the return and impact opportunities in the region, and the importance of Asia in the global economy. It enables asset owners from around the world to explore investment themes, risks and opportunities with their global peers, and explore cutting edge approaches to risk management, liquidity management and portfolio construction.

March 7-9, 2023 | National University of Singapore

Fiduciary Investors Symposium

The Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Stanford University celebrates the fast-moving change taking place in economies and communities and will examine the impact of innovation on our lives, workplaces and investments.

Drawing on the esteemed Stanford faculty, and taking advantage of the Silicon Valley location, it will look at the impact of robotics and automation, the information technology performance necessary to keep pace with the data explosion, urban evolution and the impact on infrastructure, climate change and affordable alternative energy, and network security.

How are these innovations shaping the future, and what does that future look like for investors in global markets?

September 19-21, 2023 | Stanford University, USA
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NZ Super culls equities, focuses on impact

New Zealand Super has radically slashed the holdings in its passive equities portfolio as it re-aligns the portfolio with a Paris-aligned benchmark. It’s part of the fund’s shift to a sustainable finance focus which includes improving the fund’s already-good ESG profile and a more long-term future focus on impact investing.
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Mandates need innovating to encompass sustainable investing

As carbon emissions continue to rise investors need to innovate on the nature of investment mandates says Colin le Duc, a founding partner of Generation Investment Management. He says real world impact is going in the wrong direction, even though sustainable investing is booming, and the credibility of transition plans is under scrutiny.

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Global Pension Transparency Benchmark
Global Pension Transparency Benchmark

Best funds for transparency revealed: where did your fund rank?

The Global Pension Transparency Benchmark has revealed the top ranking funds globally for transparency of disclosure across cost, governance, performance and responsible investment. Click here for the results of 75 funds across 15 countries.
Fiduciary Investors Symposium

Kotkin talks transition, Ukraine war and western resilience

In a sweeping discussion at FIS Maastricht, Professor Stephen Kotkin argues that Ukraine still has a long fight ahead, China has learnt economic strangulation and diplomatic coercion are a better strategy than invasion in Taiwan - and the west must invest more in its financial systems, military alliances and society.