Taiwan’s BLF still diversifying

From elevating the focus on multi-asset and alternatives allocations to expanding its roster of external managers, the Bureau of Labor Funds’ plans for 2018 are about diffusing the risk.

CalSTRS manoeuvres for 2018 trends

Risk mitigation and changes in private equity are examples of how the California State Teachers’ Retirement System is positioning itself for 2018. CIO Chris Ailman shares trends he sees ahead.

Investors launch Climate Action 100+

Hundreds of global investors, including CalPERS and the Swedish buffer funds, have come together to pursue low-carbon goals by working actively with big companies and publicising their progress.

Inside Canada’s exemplary pensions

A report by the World Bank showcases the features of the Canadian model that have made it the poster-child of good pension design.

Accenture puts diversity into action

Anna Darnley, 24, recently joined the board of Accenture's UK pension scheme. She and chair Peter George discuss achieving age and gender balance, and what her perspective brings.
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EAPF leads climate-change push

The Environment Agency Pension Fund is expanding its efforts to support a low-carbon economy and demanding that other asset owners and the entire finance industry ‘step up’ as well.

Pension funds get cracking on diversity

The diversity problem in the industry is large. Investors know this, the challenge is how to fix it. Now a handful of funds are showing exactly how its done.

Alaska Permanent braces for cash call

Alaska’s APFC faces an uncertain future as state lawmakers consider tapping into it to address budget shortfalls. The potential cash call makes fund CEO Angela Rodell’s job that much tougher.
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Nationwide likes private markets

Find out how the UK’s $7.1 billion Nationwide Pension Fund has built its alternatives portfolio from nothing to 20 per cent of its assets, by targeting opportunities larger players won’t touch.

AP1 to up leverage, factor exposure

AP1 has its sights on broader, more efficient diversification, with plans to intensify its focus on derivatives and shake up its approach to hedge funds. We spoke to CIO, Mikael Angberg.

Strathclyde cuts equity allocation

The UK’s largest public pension fund is de-risking its successful equities portfolio and looking to private debt, emerging-market debt, global credit and UK infrastructure to fill the void.

USS goes direct in private markets

The UK’s $78 billion USS remains growth focused despite a funding deficit, employing direct investment in private markets and tapping US government bonds in anticipation of lower gilt prices.