Tom Nelson, head of thematic equity at Ninety One, talks to Conexus Financial managing editor Julia Newbould about the extent of the shock to energy markets through the Ukraine War and how it will impact the transition to clean energy and how portfolio managers can invest in renewables and achieve carbon zero targets in this […] View more info
In this live recording from Sustainability in Practice, hosted by at Cambridge University in April 2022, Professor Julian Allwood speaks with Colin Tate. View more info
Episode 25 - Professor Sir David King

Special guest speaker: Professor Sir David King

54 mins.

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In this live recording from Sustainability in Practice, hosted by at Cambridge University in April 2022, Professor Sir David King speaks with Amanda White. View more info
Episode 24 - Fiona Reynolds and James Gifford

Sustainability: From inception to mainstream

31 mins.

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Amanda White, director of institutional content at Conexus Financial, dives into the past, present and future of responsible investment with PRI’s founding executive director, James Gifford, and current outgoing CEO, Fiona Reynolds. View more info
China is a simultaneous threat and an opportunity for investors. This discussion looks at how to navigate a worsening geopolitical situation and what it means for economic growth. Is the current course a steady state, or are big shocks, for the better or for the worse, possible and even likely? Geopolitical expert, Professor Stephen Kotkin, examines what lies ahead for investors. View more info
Episode 22 - Joseph Stiglitz

A post-COVID economy

50 mins.

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The big difference between the vaccine rollouts and the scale of the stimulus measures across the world could result in a K-shaped global economic recovery, with much of the developed world booming but poorer countries continuing to struggle. However the View more info
The CEO of CalPERS Marcie Frost has a big year ahead. Not only is the fund still searching for a CIO, but it will also conduct its four-yearly asset liability study this year. In this Fiduciary Investors Series episode, Marcie Frost speaks to Amanda White View more info
Speaking at the event, Sustainability: A planet in trouble, renowned feminist Gloria Steinem tells institutional investors it is time to ditch the labels that describe our gender, class or ethnicity and urged the investment community to l View more info
Nobel Prize winner Professor William Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of Economics and Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, explains his theory of ‘No Regrets’ whereby companies can integrate ESG at a level that brings real bene View more info
Sharan Burrow is calling on investors to do more to fix what she calls a broken labour market. In an impassioned call to delegates at “Sustainability Digital; A Planet in Trouble,” Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confeder View more info
The impact of climate change is already material, said Woodwell Climate Research Center’s president and executive director, Philip Duffy. Speaking at the event, Sustainability: A planet in trouble, he warns that thawing permafrost could m View more info
Episode 15 - Simon Pilcher

In conversation with Simon Pilcher, USS

33 mins.

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In this Fiduciary Investors Series podcast Amanda White speaks to Simon Pilcher the chief executive of USS Investment Management, which manages assets for USS, the largest private pension scheme in the UK about the complexity of a sustainable strategy – including divestment and manager expectations – as well as the opportunistic investments the fund has made in private assets and credit. View more info