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How Canada’s PSP Investments is getting to grips with climate data

Pension funds haven’t attracted the same greenwashing criticism as banks or asset managers. They don’t sell financial products, and don’t have a commercial incentive to exaggerate their green credentials. Still, it’s fair to say responsible investment reports often feature more pictures of windmills and greenery than data or hard numbers around portfolio emission reductions. Canada’s […]
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Mandates need innovating to encompass sustainable investing

As carbon emissions continue to rise investors need to innovate on the nature of investment mandates says Colin le Duc, a founding partner of Generation Investment Management. He says real world impact is going in the wrong direction, even though sustainable investing is booming, and the credibility of transition plans is under scrutiny.

Don’t shy away from emerging markets in volatile times

Good quality, holistic research is more important than ever when assessing emerging markets investments with a sustainability lens, argues a portfolio manager at Newton Investment Management.
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Asset Owner Directory

The Asset Owner Directory is an interactive tool to give readers an insight into the world of global asset owners. It includes key information for the largest asset owners around the world such as key personnel, asset allocation and performance.

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GIC: Building balanced portfolios for the long run

Navigating the two challenges of heightened macro uncertainty and an increased allocation to private assets could require a fundamental evolution of the asset-allocation process, argue Grace Qiu Tiantian and Ding Li from Singapore’s GIC in a paper written with MSCI’s Peter Shepard entitled Building Balanced Portfolios for the Long Run.

Promoting transparency for
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PGGM’s quest for cultural change

The world is changing so rapidly, traditional five-year investment plans are increasingly difficult to implement. Asset owners, head-down and concentrating on just the next five-years, risk “opening the curtains” to find the world around them has moved on much faster than they realised, said Geraldine Leegwater, CIO, PGGM.
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Fiduciary Investors Symposium

The global economy is increasingly bifurcated between the US, Europe and Asia, how the growth projections and geopolitical risks between these regions is of increasing interest to institutional investors. This first Fiduciary Investors Symposium based in Asia will look at the return and impact opportunities in the region, and the importance of Asia in the global economy. It enables asset owners from around the world to explore investment themes, risks and opportunities with their global peers, and explore cutting edge approaches to risk management, liquidity management and portfolio construction.

March 7-9, 2023 | National University of Singapore

Sustainability in Practice

This global event will bring together asset owners, managers and academics for a practical take on sustainable investment. This conference is specifically aimed at CIOs and showcases practical case studies on how investors around the world are implementing sustainability decision making and solutions in their capital allocations. Specifically showcasing the progress of the world-class Canadian funds it will look at the portfolio construction and investment implementation implications of sustainable investing including the complexity of applying risk, return and outcome goals.

May 23-25, 2023 | University of Toronto

PRI at a crossroad

PRI’s CEO David Atkin has been conducting workshops with signatories to explore different pathways and seeking views around six themes around accountability, the PRI’s policy work and the diversity of signatories and their different needs. A report will be tabled to board of directors in February with recommendations.
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Energy markets post-COVID, amid a conflict and in a decarbonising world

Tom Nelson, head of thematic equity at Ninety One, talks to Conexus Financial managing editor Julia Newbould about the extent of the shock to energy markets through the Ukraine War and how it will impact the transition to clean energy and how portfolio managers can invest in renewables and achieve carbon zero targets in this […]

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Global Pension Transparency Benchmark
Global Pension Transparency Benchmark

Best funds for transparency revealed: where did your fund rank?

The Global Pension Transparency Benchmark has revealed the top ranking funds globally for transparency of disclosure across cost, governance, performance and responsible investment. Click here for the results of 75 funds across 15 countries.
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Kotkin talks transition, Ukraine war and western resilience

In a sweeping discussion at FIS Maastricht, Professor Stephen Kotkin argues that Ukraine still has a long fight ahead, China has learnt economic strangulation and diplomatic coercion are a better strategy than invasion in Taiwan - and the west must invest more in its financial systems, military alliances and society.
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Partnering with best-in-class managers yields stellar results for TIFF

A focus on partnering with specialist, differentiated, active managers with help from “the best board in America” has generated more than 200 basis points a year for TIFF. Amanda White looks at the fund’s approach to manager sourcing and the opportunities for alpha in a tough investing environment.
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Equities allocation damaging biodiversity: Ilmarinen study

A recent biodiversity risk analysis at Ilmarinen, Finland’s €60 billion pension insurer, found one third of the companies in its listed equities portfolio have a damaging impact on biodiversity. The study is part of a push to integrate biodiversity into its investment processes.