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Why internal management at Canada’s BCI includes ESG

For pension funds with large in-house teams that are also navigating the risk and opportunity of sustainable investment, a global head of ESG can play a vital role. Jennifer Coulson, the investor's first global head of ESG, explains why.

Cash rate scenario analysis drives asset allocation reset at Maryland

The asset allocation of the $63 billion Maryland State Pension System has protected the fund on the downside. But now CIO Andrew Palmer is looking at cash rates persistently of 4 per cent, what that means for various asset classes and how the fund should be allocating.
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Kosovo’s new wealth fund offers development model for eastern Europe

Kosovo, a small country in south-eastern Europe that emerged as an independent state after the Balkan conflict, plans to create a sovereign development fund, the first of its kind in the region.
Stephen Kotkin

Investors can’t afford to ignore China risk: Kotkin

A video interview with geopolitical expert Professor Stephen Kotkin looks at the investor implications of the Russia Ukraine conflict, the recalibration in the US China relationship and where the "real" geopolitical risk lies.
Asset Owner Directory

The Asset Owner Directory is an interactive tool to give readers an insight into the world of global asset owners. It includes key information for the largest asset owners around the world such as key personnel, asset allocation and performance.

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SWIB talks active equity as a Best Ideas portfolio takes off

Susan Schmidt, head of public equities at SWIB, talks about the fund's new Best Ideas portfolio. Despite technology's reach and market efficiencies, there is still ample room for a fundamental approach where human skill and a unique investment culture find mispriced opportunities.

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Why Asia is the future

In the midst of the great power rivalry between the US and China, “we need to carve out a future that works well for all of us” says National University of Singapore’s Danny Quah, in a talk examining the global economy and the role of Asia. Listen here.
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Fiduciary Investors Symposium

The Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Stanford University celebrates the fast-moving change taking place in economies and communities and will examine the impact of innovation on our lives, workplaces and investments.

Drawing on the esteemed Stanford faculty, and taking advantage of the Silicon Valley location, it will look at the impact of robotics and automation, the information technology performance necessary to keep pace with the data explosion, urban evolution and the impact on infrastructure, climate change and affordable alternative energy, and network security.

How are these innovations shaping the future, and what does that future look like for investors in global markets?

September 19-21, 2023 | Stanford University, USA

Sustainability in Practice

The Sustainability in Practice conference will look at the meaningful steps that investors are taking to integrate sustainability including the impact on asset allocation and structural shifts of net zero. The conference will explore the new frontier of sustainability including impact investing, carbon markets becoming an asset class and investment frameworks for biodiversity. Drawing on experts at the University of Oxford and investors from all over the world, delegates will be left with functional tools to implement their sustainability commitments and cutting-edge research to share with their boards and investment committees.

November 6-8, 2023 | University of Oxford, UK

Costs drive ABP’s switch to passive in public markets

Managing costs is the central driver behind €470 Dutch civil service scheme ABP’s recent decision to switch much of its public market allocation to passive, index-led strategies, according to a spokesperson at the fund. The low-cost strategy at Europe’s largest pension fund is accompanied by sustainability and simplification priorities.
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Mandates need innovating to encompass sustainable investing

As carbon emissions continue to rise investors need to innovate on the nature of investment mandates says Colin le Duc, a founding partner of Generation Investment Management. He says real world impact is going in the wrong direction, even though sustainable investing is booming, and the credibility of transition plans is under scrutiny.   What […]

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Global Pension Transparency Benchmark
Global Pension Transparency Benchmark

GPTB refines process to promote, even greater, transparency

Increased scrutiny on the transparency of disclosures is driving measurable improvements among some of the world’s largest asset owners, as refinements to the Global Pension Transparency Benchmark methodologies and board oversight boost attention on transparency.

Reversal of investment themes demands investors change their assumptions

Investors are currently facing the end of uncertainty around assumptions they have made for decades, and need to shore up their portfolios with greater inflation protection, more active management, and by fostering innovation, according to chief strategist at the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario.
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Fixed income and active equity pay off at Brazil’s FUNCEF

Switching out of equities into fixed income last year has helped swell returns at Brazil’s Fundação dos Economiários Federais, FUNCEF. Other return-boosting strategies included active equity investment.
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As Japan’s GPIF builds out PE, new research flags measurement method

For investors struggling to develop better ways to measure private equity fund performance, researchers at the giant Japanese fund, GPIF, suggest an alternative measurement model that compares private and public assets more accurately.