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Problem solving in a confronting environment

As asset owners increasingly look to their providers for “partnerships” rather than transactional relationships, Bridgewater’s advisory capabilities are coming to the fore. Amanda White looks at the hedge fund's solutions-focused approach.

Why we need a people-centered sustainable finance

The ‘moral bankruptcy’ of our financial system does not reflect the values of the people whose money is invested rather, it is the result of financial intermediaries insufficiently reflecting the will of people. The UN's Mathieu Verougstraete and Sander Glas argue we must adopt a people-centered approach to sustainable finance.

Rising oil and gas prices will cause short-term pain, accelerate long-term

The transition to renewable energy will be “volatile and complicated” like other major transitions in history, and spikes in demand and pricing for coal, oil and gas are likely over the near term, according to an expert in global resources strategy from NinetyOne.
Asset Owner Directory

The Asset Owner Directory is an interactive tool to give readers an insight into the world of global asset owners. It includes key information for the largest asset owners around the world such as key personnel, asset allocation and performance.

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WSIB gears up for social and environmental push in private equity

Washington State Investment Board has seen the impact of its expansive private equity program through investee-company employee schemes and climate-focused impact funds. Now WSIB is set to put much more pressure on private equity to integrate ESG in portfolio companies. Sarah Rundell spoke to chief executive, Allyson Tucker.

Promoting transparency for
better pension outcomes

FIS - Chicago

Recession “very difficult to avoid” under tightening monetary policy

Randall Kroszner, Federal Reserve governor from 2006 to 2009, praises the Fed for acting decisively to bring inflation under control, but predicts a lot of pain ahead for global markets.
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Sustainability in Practice

This conference is an urgent call to action for all investors to influence investee companies to change their focus and put people before profits to create a more sustainable economy, and to wake up to the crucial role they play in ensuring a sustainable recovery.

September 13-15, 2022 | Harvard, Cambridge USA

Fiduciary Investors Symposium

SUITABLE FOR: Institutional investors, chairs of investment committees and specialist consultants from the world’s largest pension, sovereign wealth and endowment funds.

This event will co-ordinate academics specialising in investment management and behavioural finance.
It will explore the applicability of the efficient market hypothesis in the current market environment – across different asset classes – and the tension between efficient markets and quantitative techniques with behavioural finance and fundamental analysis – challenging investors to think differently about asset allocation and investments, governance and decision-making.

October 23-25, 2022 | Maastricht, The Netherlands
Private Equity

Why private equity can lead on sustainability

A new HBR paper, “Private Equity Should Take the Lead in Sustainability” by Robert Eccles, Vinay Shandal, David Young and Benedicte Montgomery argues how – and why - the private equity must lead on integrating sustainability.

Fiduciary Investors Podcast Series

Global Pension Transparency Benchmark
Global Pension Transparency Benchmark

Responsible investing disclosures more transparent

The increased adoption of RI principles was clearly visible in this second iteration of the Global Pension Transparency Benchmark. Scores within the RI factor saw the largest year-over-year increase with the average score across all funds increasing by 6.9, so where were these increased scores most evident?

Why liquidity management will be harder in a post-Covid-19 world

CIOs need more sophisticated tools to manage liquidity in a post-COVID world, experts say, now that the DC retirement landscape has been permanently changed following the precedent of early release schemes.
Asset Allocation
FIS - Chicago

Investors prioritise governance, tilts and liquidity

In a wide-ranging session at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Chicago Booth School of Business investment executives from HOOPP, CalSTRS, USS and Cbus reflect on the need for strong governance in the current climate, diversification and liquidity.
Asset classes
FIS - Chicago

Superior return, risk metrics driving rising allocation to private markets

Some of North America’s largest funds – including British Columbia Investment Management Company, CalPERS and Maryland State - are ramping up their allocations to private markets, building in-house talent to take advantage of private equity and co-investment deals.