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ATP pushes green bond due diligence to counter greenwashing

Danish pension fund, the DKK 925 billion ($140 billion) ATP, is protecting against greenwashing in its growing allocation to green bonds with a variety of in-house screening processes.

The 30 most responsible asset allocators

The Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative at New America, in partnership with the Fletcher School at Tufts University, has released its 2021 rankings of the 30 world-leading responsible, sustainable long-term investors.
Fiduciary Investors Series

Sustainability: From inception to mainstream

Amanda White, director of institutional content at Conexus Financial, dives into the past, present and future of responsible investment with PRI’s founding executive director, James Gifford, and current outgoing CEO, Fiona Reynolds.
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The Asset Owner Directory is an interactive tool to give readers an insight into the world of global asset owners. It includes key information for the largest asset owners around the world such as key personnel, asset allocation and performance.

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Government Employees Pension Fund

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California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)

United States$489275View Info
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Investor Profile

Bank of Ireland pensions’ CIO says regulations are killing liberal economies

"I wouldn’t dare tell a company how it should be run, they are the experts. Rather than tell a board how to behave I would rather have them compete," says Paul Droop, group pensions CIO of the Bank of Ireland who believes regulation is damaging free market competition in a worrying new shift that  poses the single biggest risk for investors.

Promoting transparency for
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Investing in the backbone of the future energy system

Power prices will not fall to zero in a world of renewables and renewable energy generation ebbs and flows require smoothing and investment in new technologies according to experts on renewable energy. Gas will be in the system longer as a bridge fuel, and investors should also explore opportunities in construction-ready or operational fixed-price renewable […]
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Sustainability in Practice

This conference is an urgent call to action for all investors to influence investee companies to change their focus and put people before profits to create a more sustainable economy, and to wake up to the crucial role they play in ensuring a sustainable recovery.

March 22-24, 2022 | Zurich, Switzerland

Fiduciary Investors Symposium

SUITABLE FOR: Institutional investors, chairs of investment committees and specialist consultants from the world’s largest pension, sovereign wealth and endowment funds.

This event will co-ordinate academics specialising in investment management and behavioural finance.
It will explore the applicability of the efficient market hypothesis in the current market environment – across different asset classes – and the tension between efficient markets and quantitative techniques with behavioural finance and fundamental analysis – challenging investors to think differently about asset allocation and investments, governance and decision-making.

May 23-25, 2022 | University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Finance day at COP26 marks the beginning: Reynolds

Finance day at COP26 bought headline grabbing news - including the establishment of Mark Carney's GFANZ and new accounting standards - but the PRI's Fiona Reynolds tells FIS delegates more needs to be done.
Fiduciary Investors Series

Is China’s growing influence a threat or opportunity?

China is a simultaneous threat and an opportunity for investors. This discussion looks at how to navigate a worsening geopolitical situation and what it means for economic growth. Is the current course a steady state, or are big shocks, for the better or for the worse, possible and even likely? Geopolitical expert, Professor Stephen Kotkin, examines what lies ahead for investors.

Fiduciary Investors Podcast Series

Global Pension Transparency Benchmark

Innovation needed on fund disclosure of corporate strategy

A minority of pension funds reviewed for the GPTB publicly disclosure their organizational strategy in a way that goes beyond disclosures of economic and market conditions and the impact on the performance of their investments. Michael Reid argues there is room for improvement in communicating key corporate activities to stakeholders.

Future Fund positions for changed investment landscape

In its latest position paper, Australia's Future Fund outlines its investment approach in a new investment landscape characterised by the end of 60:40 portfolios, inflation, declining corporate earnings and climate change - amongst others.
Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation

Portfolios of the future focus on risk management

Being ready for anything, a focus on risk management, using more leverage and opportunities in technology are key characteristics of the portfolio of the future according to investors who spoke at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium recently.
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NBIM charts 25 years of investing in fixed income

The $1.23 trillion Norwegian sovereign wealth fund celebrates 25 years of investing in fixed income. Sarah Rundell looks at some of the highs and lows of its fixed income portfolio which makes up around 30 per cent of fund.