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Fearless girl: Is finance making progress?

Visible positioning on the inclusion of women in financial services is now the norm. But the number of women who are CFA Institute members globally – often seen as a proxy for the industry – is just 19 per cent. So, what else can be done to further improve diversity?
Organisational Design

What does it take to succeed at scale?

As the Australian superannuation funds evolve and get bigger they face a question of whether to copy the organisational structures of their bigger, more sophisticated Canadian counterparts, or find their own way that more adequately befits some of their unique features and better serves members.
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Total portfolio management pays off at LPPI

The Local Pension Partnership pooled fund has saved £113 million in costs since inception. But the real benefit, according to chief executive Chris Rule, is the governance structure which allows the outsourced provider to manage the total portfolio. He spoke to Amanda White about the power of total portfolio management.