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Investors told to embrace helpful AI

Robotics and artificial intelligence supplemental to humans is where to put capital and it’s too early to worry about the rise of the automatons, ‘Mistress of Machines’ Kate Darling says.
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SDGs economic opportunity: report

A new report from the PRI and PwC states that global investors can perform their fiduciary duty and create a boon in market opportunities and jobs by actively pursuing the SDGs.

Strive for elegance on fees: consultant

Albourne's John Claisse says hedge funds must make more flexible arrangements with managers to survive and points to the ‘1 or 30’ model for its simple approach to putting the focus on alpha.

A more realistic look at risk

The University of California’s Rick Bookstaber argues that risk management should move from static equations to more realistic models in which outcomes depend on multiple agents.

Where future leaders will focus

The investment industry will need a new kind of leader with a new set of skills to serve the interests of younger generations and create value for society as a whole.
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ESG industry needs better social skills

Human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy says ESG frameworks are not providing investors with enough reliable data about human rights and other social issues to allow accurate assessment of risks.

Asset owners must flex muscle: panel

Representatives from CalPERS and Cbus Super joined academics in challenging large investors to do more for sustainable finance and outlining some practical ways to achieve this goal.
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GPIF, AP2 go granular on ESG integration

GPIF’s Hiro Mizuno and AP2’s Eva Halvarsson stressed the importance of combating short-termism at every level of the investment chain and throughout the organisation, to forge sustainability.
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The value of corporate engagement

Positive corporate engagements increase return on investment but also help improve communication, learning and organisational politics, two studies the PRI commissioned have found.

PRI signatories challenged to act now

Mission 2020 convenor Christiana Figueres challenged PRI signatories to invest 1 per cent of assets in clean technology and renewable energy by 2020, saying the world is nearly out of time.
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Happy workers mean quality companies

How workers are treated is a key indicator of the quality of a company, and investors should use this information to help assess a company’s investability, CalPERS trustee Priya Mathur has said.
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Board, ESG staff need good harmony

When fund trustees and internal environmental, social and governance staff have an open, collaborative relationship, information flows more efficiently and difficult issues can be addressed.