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Fiduciary Investors Symposium

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Fiduciary Investors Symposium April 15-17 2018, Oxford

NEST’s flexible default pension

The workplace pension asked its members what they wanted during the decumulation phase. The answers led to a default product that aims for assurances in older age, while still offering options.

Markets main fear for CIOs: survey

Asset owners are lowering return targets, shrinking active long-only allocations and getting tough on fees as harsh outlooks persist, the annual Quirk survey reveals.

Fund managers lack business skills

PGGM's Jaap van Dam and Kempen's Lars Dijkstra say that asset owners with long-term horizons should look for managers who can analyse industries and companies to find intrinsic value.

OTPP makes paying well pay off

Ontario Teachers must pay well to attract talent for in-house management, but its results are worth it. The fund's ways of linking remuneration to performance hold lessons for the world.

Rethink fund manager relationships

When the £16 billion BBC Pension Scheme started moving away from active listed strategies, it was time to rethink its interactions with external managers, starting with a few key questions.

GPIF seeks better beta through ESG

You can't beat the market if you are the market. That's reality for Japan's behemoth pension fund; therefore, it looks to improve overall returns by engaging and investing with an ESG focus.

Future Fund adds risk for short term

The CIO of Australia's sovereign wealth fund has added risk to the portfolio showing optimism about the short-term outlook but remains cautious about the medium and long term.

PGGM maps portfolio’s impact

The $268 billion PGGM mapped its entire portfolio based on the effects it had on 'the people and the planet'. For the sustainability-focused giant, the results were surprising.

The lasting impact of pension nudges

Choices people make when they enter defined-contribution schemes tend not to change, even after fraud allegations, a paper from behavioural economist Richard Thaler and other academics states.

APG takes the lead on AI

APG is one of the few large asset owners putting AI to work effectively in its investment process. Amanda White looks at how it is integrating machine learning and more to enhance decisions.

CPPIB focuses managers on long term

The C$337 billion CPPIB works towards a full understanding of its external managers’ strategies. These efforts, plus a customised fee structure, ensure a focus on long horizons.