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CalPERS’ plan to generate alpha from climate investments

CalPERS’ sustainable investment strategy is predicated on a belief it can generate outperformance by investing in climate solutions – with $100 billion to be allocated by 2030. Peter Cashion, managing investment director for sustainable investments tells Amanda White why, and how, it looks for climate alpha opportunities.
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CPP evolves total portfolio approach

Understanding the drivers of your portfolio risk and return, and then using that information to more dynamically adjust the portfolio, is one of the benefits of the total portfolio approach according to CPP's Manroop Jhooty, whose total fund management team is exploring whether to include emerging factors in portfolio design.
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HOOPP’s constant portfolio refresh; focus on liquidity

An increased focus on liquidity management through factors, a leaning towards public markets and robust risk management are all key to implementing HOOPP’s “maniacal focus on liquidity” that helps CIO Michael Wissell sleep at night. Amanda White spoke to the Toronto-based investment chief ahead of the Fiduciary Investors Symposium.