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NZ Super cleans out its carbon

Investors are not getting paid for taking on carbon risk according to New Zealand Super, prompting the fund to move its global passive equities portfolio to low carbon.

AustralianSuper’s equities ride

The large size and penchant for active investment of the $120 billion AustralianSuper present both opportunities and challenges for its fund managers and inhouse equities team.
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Emerging market funds need to diversify

Pension funds in many emerging economies need to diversify offshore, says the World Bank, in order to achieve higher returns with potentially lower volatility.

The value of the Canadian model

A lot has been written about the superiority of the “Canadian model” for managing pensions, but can a value be assigned to this organisational design structure?

Top funds’ strengths, challenges

A study of organisational behaviour at 15 of the world’s leading funds found best-practice ideas in risk management and sustainability, along with common challenges in areas such as diversity.
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Performance fees hardly worth it

An analysis of 218 Dutch pension funds has shown that paying performance fees has little impact on performance. Size of fund and specialisation were deemed more important for net returns.

Factors trump skill: MSCI

MSCI research has shown that, among top-performing funds, more than half of active returns come from factors, rather than manager skill, and style factors have the biggest impact.

The governance-performance link

Academics at Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen find that governance is positively related to both excess and risk-adjusted net returns but only marginally related to funds’ asset choices.

GPIF, ADIA: complex success

Japan’s GPIF has only recently moved into equities, while ADIA has a rich history of investing in a variety of asset classes. The returns of both giants show the benefits of diversification.

G20’s climate reporting proposal

A Financial Stability Board task force has released its report on company disclosure of climate risk. Its recommendations include placing responsibility for climate change reporting with boards.

Long-horizon premium: up to 1.5%

A study from the Thinking Ahead Institute finds the premium for long-horizon investing is up to 1.5 per cent a year and identifies eight strategies for reaching that target.
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CalPERS assumes lower returns

CalPERS has set its latest four-yearly capital market assumptions, that feed its strategic asset allocation. The $323 billion fund expects lower returns and more volatility.