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Investors must act on DoL proposal

Investors  have only a few days to comment on the US Department of Labor’s proposed amendment to investment duties regulation and ESG – which many believe is out of step with the market and potentially damaging to retirees’ retirement income – with the window for comment closing on July 30.
Sustainability in a time of crisis

The need for urgent action on climate

Nigel Topping who was appointed by the UK Government as the High Level Climate Action Champion for United Nations climate talks, COP26 joins Fiona Reynolds, chief executive of the PRI, in conversation with Amanda White, editor of This episode focuses on climate change and how, amongst and despite, the short-term focus of this COVID-19 crisis, we can mobilise government, business and investors into action around this important issue of climate change.
Investor Profile

Strategy at Canada’s newest pension plan

Barbara Zvan started her job last week as the inaugural CEO and president of UPP, the new pension fund that will pool three existing Canadian university pension funds. She talks to Amanda White about the plans for the fund including the mix of internal and external management.

Watch Oxford’s vaccine expert

Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine has passed another test this week, with trials showing the injection led to the making of antibodies and T-cells that can fight coronavirus. We had the inside running on this. Professor Adrian Hill, who is the director of the Jenner Institute which developed the vaccine spoke at our Fiduciary Investors Global Symposium last month. You can watch the video recording of his description of the vaccine process, and his positive outlook on the results here.
Sustainability in a time of crisis

Investor collaboration on sustainability

How can investors be a catalyst for change and have an active voice in a sustainable recovery? This episode explores the role of investors and how they can collaborate for effective collective action. It includes the work of one of the leaders in sustainable investing and the biggest pension fund in Europe, APG. It invites investors to have an active voice in a sustainable recovery.

Campbell Harvey: cautiously optimistic

Campbell Harvey, Professor of Finance at Duke University, is optimistic there will be a vaccine developed in the fourth quarter of this year, a period where he also predicts a return to economic growth. However inflation is his biggest fear.