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Top-heavy populations imperil pensions

In the near future, age demographics may very well reach a critical tipping point as dwindling numbers of Millennials and other younger generations become inadequate to support the large cohort of retiring Baby Boomers – and economic growth won’t fix the problem, a UK pension expert has said.
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UK’s BTPS forges independent identity

Since splitting from its former inhouse manager, Hermes, the £50 billion British Telecom Pension Scheme has set about redefining itself. With a self-reliance borne of technology, the fund has brought portfolios and functions inhouse and started a bigger push into mature infrastructure.

Fixed income, ESG start to bond

ESG integration in fixed income is finally starting to happen but the challenges it presents aren’t the same as in equities; for example, bondholder rights and shareholder rights aren’t the same. Have a look at what’s necessary to further blend ESG and fixed income.
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The world’s most influential capital

The 100 largest asset owners have a huge worldwide impact. As global markets evolve, they’ll need proactive leaders, the right technology and good public policy to help shape a better economy.