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    USS takes advantage of dislocations

    The largest single pension scheme in the United Kingdom, USS, took advantage of the dislocation due to COVID in 2020 and has bought credit assets and increased inflation and interest rate hedging.

    MIT consortium builds ESG tools

    Research into the data, measurement and methodologies of ESG rating agencies has resulted in the Aggregate Confusion Project, a research project led by academics at MIT to develop a set of ESG tools and methodologies that will become best practice.

    Finance teaching not fit for purpose

    Finance needs to be based on “real world economics” not the unrealistic and rational assumptions of traditional finance argue co-editors Herman Bril, Georg Kell and Andreas Rasche in their book Sustainable Investing: A path to a New Horizon.

    3D framework a game changer

    The industry is undergoing a rare strategic shift, this time to a 3D investment framework that integrates impact with risk and return, which will have a massive impact on the industry and the world.