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    Coal moves to holistic management

    The COVID crisis and the volatility of 2020 has revealed some lessons for the investment team at Coal Pension Trustees (CPT). It has taken a more top down view of managing its portfolio looking at economic themes, risk exposures, cashflows and its manager roster holistically. Amanda White talks to CIO Mark Walker about where it sees return opportunities, the prospect of manager consolidation and how it has embraced technology for better investment practices.

    PRI sets strategic vision

    This week the PRI launched its new three-year strategy which enables continued delivery of its 10-year Blueprint for Responsible Investment. Martin Skancke and Fiona Reynolds discuss the strategy which comes at a significant moment for the organisation and its global signatories as well as for the wider responsible investment movement.

    How AI can help investors manage risk

    The C$23 billion Canadian fund, OPTrust is embracing the power of technology to improve investment outcomes. Wei Xie and Brandon Da Silva explain the fund's focus on two subdomains of machine learning and how they can be used together: reinforcement learning and uncertainty modelling.
    Fiduciary Investors Series

    The spirit of green: how corporates can reduce externalities at no cost to shareholders

    Nobel Prize winner Professor William Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of Economics and Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, explains his theory of ‘No Regrets’ whereby companies can integrate ESG at a level that brings real bene