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CERN risk appetite keeps assets liquid

The CHf4 billion pension fund for Switzerland’s CERN nuclear research centre maintains a dynamic, tactical strategy that takes into account the market environment and the fund’s liabilities. Once risk levels are set, CIO Manola-Bonthond tweaks and adjusts to stay on target, employing particularly strict due diligence in areas such as private equity and hedge funds.

Water makes mark in investors’ minds

As the demand for water rises across many sectors and the potential for strained supply increases, its perceived value is rising to a level more in line with its great economic and political importance. As a result, investors are taking steps to measure water risk in their portfolios and engage with companies to promote responsible stewardship.
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Austrian APK smells equity opportunities

Top-performing APK Pensionskasse is examining different regions and sectors, looking to increase its allocation to equity if markets decline in the second quarter. Chief executive Christian Boehm expects technological developments and geopolitical influences to affect markets, including in Europe’s financial sector.

UK reforms have pension schemes in mind

The UK’s Competition and Market Authority has put forward several changes to the investment consultant and fiduciary manager markets designed to ensure competition improves outcomes for pension schemes and other institutional investors. A competitive tender process would be required, as would clear distinctions between advice and marketing.