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Benchmark ranks pension funds on disclosure transparency

The Global Pension Transparency Benchmark, a collaboration between and Toronto-based CEM Benchmarking, has revealed the need for serious improvement in pension transparency across the globe. Check out how funds ranked across 15 different countries on transparency of governance, performance, cost and responsible investing.

Debunking distressed debt

The sharp market falls triggered by the pandemic brought the longest recovery ever in modern finance to an abrupt end. But despite the turmoil unleashed by COVID, it has not wrung out the market excesses of the last 13-year cycle. It means another wave of corporate failures could appear on the horizon in a shorter timeframe than expected, and offer more opportunities for distressed debt investors, according to Victor Khosla founder of SVP Global.

FIS event tackles debt, inflation, China

Investors all over the world are pondering the inflationary environment. Is inflation coming? Will it stick? What does it mean for investments? Is stagflation possible and how should portfolios be hedged? The Fiduciary Investors Symposium will take a deep dive into the inflationary expectations of investors and look to history as a guide on asset class performance during different inflationary regimes.

Time’s up for climate lobbyists

While hopeful this week’s UN Climate Action Summit generates a huge leap forward, Fiona Reynolds calls on investors to redouble efforts to address negative corporate climate lobbying. She writes from New York.

Pizza and diversity: How funds move dial

Empowering long-term influential asset owners to invest responsibly is the key to hastening take-up in responsible investment. Delegates heard how some leading asset owners are doing this through their diversity and ESG practices.