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CalPERS weathers SVB hit; resilience and transparency pays

Norway's sovereign wealth fund and Sweden’s largest pension fund Alecta are among funds with heavy losses from the SVB collapse. For CalPERS, which only had a small exposure, the tumultuous weekend highlighted the importance of resilience and transparency with the team quick to identify exposures and provide analysis.

Kotkin talks transition, Ukraine war and western resilience

In a sweeping discussion at FIS Maastricht, Professor Stephen Kotkin argues that Ukraine still has a long fight ahead, China has learnt economic strangulation and diplomatic coercion are a better strategy than invasion in Taiwan - and the west must invest more in its financial systems, military alliances and society.

IMF flashes dangers ahead

The worst is yet to come, warns the IMF in its sobering World Economic Outlook report. Investors will increasingly prioritise safe assets with implications for emerging markets while chaos in the UK gilts markets underscores the risks of a policy mistake.