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Australia’s climate emergency

In the midst of the worst bushfires in Australia's history, CEO of the PRI, Fiona Reynolds, an Australian living in London is calling on investors to play a leading role in encouraging governments to be ambitious in their climate policy.

CalPERS board’s divestment dilemmas

The merits of tracking divested dollars, and the value of data illustrating what the pension fund has missed out on was the topic of much debate at the December CalPERS board meeting. In 2021 the fund will review six divestment programs across tobacco, firearms, coal, Iran, Sudan and emerging market equity principles.

Long-term investors using short-term strategies

There is a contradiction in the way that many long-horizon asset owners behave. On one hand, they are increasingly concerned about the externalities imposed on wider society by the companies they own. But on the other, they tend to ignore the social costs imposed by the short-horizon strategies that they employ such as momentum and tracking error constraints. The transmission mechanism for this social cost is via asset mispricing, which leads to capital misallocation and incentives for CEOs to focus on short-term share price maximisation.

New CFA chief outlines the year ahead

The new chief executive and president of the CFA Institute, Marg Franklin, completed her first 100 days in the job last week and already she’s made an impact. Amanda White spoke to her about the organisation’s influence in the decade ahead.