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How AP4 integrates sustainability in alternatives

AP4’s head of alternatives Jenny Askfelt Ruud discusses how the pension fund integrates sustainability in its alternatives portfolio which includes avoiding investments in some sectors in line with its decarbonisation strategy and investing in sustainability themes by finding companies that are driving the transition with new technologies and services.

Robeco eyes policy response

Policy makers response is the next pivotal step in sustainable investmen according to Victor Verberk, CIO fixed income and sustainability at Robeco. He predicts that policy makers reaction will appear via taxes or import tariffs with a “devastating impact” on companies that will create winners and losers.

Asset owners talk sustainability in infrastructure

Asset owners’ seeking to achieve net zero in their infrastructure allocations should embark on detailed strategic planning, set interim targets and ensure transparent insight and regular reporting. Strong leadership and clear governance frameworks are also essential - all the while fulfilling fiduciary responsibility to seek superior long-term returns.

The value in natural capital

Nature is increasingly viewed as an economic asset, or natural capital. Identifying the natural capital assets that can be used most effectively to offset carbon, such as land and forestry, can provide a real advantage in the path to decarbonising investment portfolios.

Real estate’s net zero challenge

Real estate accounts for nearly 40 per cent of energy-related carbon emissions but cutting emissions to net zero in the sector is highly complex. Investors should focus instead on cutting emissions by refurbishing properties and avoiding new builds.