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Switzerland’s rail fund SBB takes on more risk

Convinced higher interest rates signpost higher anticipated returns ahead, Pensionskasse SBB, the Bern-based pension fund for employees of Switzerland’s state-owned railway company, will increase its equity allocation including private equity. It plans to add managers in both public and private equity.
Asset Allocation

How Railpen keeps illiquid asset allocation on track

New research on private markets at Railpen has produced a framework that focuses on scenario planning and the uncertainty inherent in illiquid investments taking account of “portfolio steerability”, allocation drift and the impact on short-term liquidity management resulting in a more dynamic approach.

CalPERS weathers SVB hit; resilience and transparency pays

Norway's sovereign wealth fund and Sweden’s largest pension fund Alecta are among funds with heavy losses from the SVB collapse. For CalPERS, which only had a small exposure, the tumultuous weekend highlighted the importance of resilience and transparency with the team quick to identify exposures and provide analysis.