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Session videoA new future

What’s next?

What is required for all investors to use their influence to create a more sustainable economy, and to wake up to the crucial role they play in ensuring a sustainable recovery?
Session videoA new future

Holistic and lasting sustainability

What is sustainability if not the ability to exist into the future? In this context how sustainable are institutions, organisations, communities and politics and what will the future actually look like?
Session videoA new future

Understanding complex systems

The climate emergency is so large it requires a rewiring of the whole economic and financial system. But to do this new risk models are required and old paradigms must be abandoned to make way for a better way of understanding complex systems.
Session videoSDGs

The SDGs in action

This session looks at case studies of how investors are using SDGs to shape a view of the future and incorporating that into an investment framework.
Session videoSDGs

In conversation

In this intimate conversation, Paul Polman, SDG ambassador and chair of IMAGINE, discusses the importance of leaders accelerating corporate responsibility efforts.
Session videoImpact

Impact and measurement

This session will hear from investors on their approaches and the applicability and power of impact investing across both public and private assets.
Session videoPortfolio construction

Integrating ESG

This session will look at how to assess the effect of ESG issues on macro economies and markets and how to engineer a scalable strategic asset allocation that delivers consistent financial performance and is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.