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Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC)

Established in 1981 to manage Singapore’s foreign reserves, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) is a global long-term investor. GIC work to secure Singapore’s financial future by investing across a range of asset classes in the public and private markets.



Chief Executive

Lim Chow Kiat

Chief Investment Officer

Dr Jeffrey Jaensubhakij


Lee Hsien Loong

Asset allocation

14% Developed Markets Equities

16% Emerging Market Equities

37% Nominal Bonds and Cash

6% Inflation-Linked Bonds

10% Real Estate

17% Private Equity related articles
Asset Allocation

GIC: Building balanced portfolios for the long run

Navigating the two challenges of heightened macro uncertainty and an increased allocation to private assets could require a fundamental evolution of the asset-allocation process, argue Grace Qiu Tiantian and Ding Li from Singapore’s GIC in a paper written with MSCI’s Peter Shepard entitled Building Balanced Portfolios for the Long Run.
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