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Is active investing doomed?

In what might be seen as a boon, or at-least a close escape from extinction, a review of academic literature finds that investors should not entirely rule out using active funds management. The academic evidence is not sufficient to write-off an active approach, says Geoff Warren, it just depends on the circumstances.

Sometimes, you can trust a hunch

Whether you call it a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘expert intuition’, under the right circumstances and in the right investment environment, it can take you in the right direction.

Emerging markets show more maturity

Many developing nations are proving resilient in the face of market shocks, thanks in part to improvements to institutional domestic capital markets and more sophisticated legislative frameworks.

The value of a sense of purpose

From the individual to the organisation to the industry as a whole, a belief that your objectives and your work have intrinsic value is essential to high performance and societal change.

Deforestation gets the chop

Heightened awareness of the role of rain forests in global supply chains, and of the related risks, has led many large investors to join initiatives calling for an end to destruction of woodlands.