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British Columbia Investment Management Corporation BCIMC)

BCI provides investment management services to British Columbia’s public sector. Its role is to generate investment returns that will help their institutional clients build a financially secure future. BCI offers investment options across a range of asset classes: fixed income; public and private equity; infrastructure and renewable resources; and real estate and mortgage.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Gordon Fyfe

Chief Investment Officer

Gordon Fyfe


Peter Milburn

Asset allocation
Asset allocation adds to above 100% due to leverage

37% Fixed Income

30.5% Public Equities

15.9% Real Estate

11.8% Private Equity

9.5% Infrastructure and Renewable Resources

3.7% Mortgages related articles

How technology is enabling better investments

Asset owners are increasingly looking to technology to more effectively manage complex multi-asset portfolios, enhance returns and better inform risk management decisions. looks at how technology is being used by asset owners including LACERA and REST, and the insights of BCIMCo's chief technology officer, Tony Payne.
FIS Digital – May 2021

Potential storms ahead in the banking sector

Panellists discuss the possible impact of corporate failures on European banks coming out of the pandemic, and note central banks juggling act around digital currencies; unable to halt their arrival but still having to marshall progress and ensure the technology doesn’t weaken financial stability. The session examined the structural trends in the financial sector that have been entire amplified or altered by the COVID crisis.