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Florida State Board of Administration

The State Board of Administration (SBA) is created by the Florida Constitution as Florida’s principal independent Investment Management Organization. The SBA is primarily responsible for investing the proceeds of the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan, administering the Florida Retirement System Investment Plan, managing the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund and running Florida PRIME, as well as investing the proceeds of more than 25 other funds directed to the SBA by the Florida Legislature. The Executive Director and CIO manages approximately 200 professional investment and administrative support staff.


United States



Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Lamar Taylor

Chief Investment Officer

Lamar Taylor


Governor Ron DeSantis

Asset allocation
Asset allocation is target not actual

53% Global Equity

18% Investment Grade Fixed Income

10% Real Estate

6% Private Equity

12% Strategic Investments

1% Cash related articles
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Florida SBA’s venture adventure

The Florida State Board of Administration’s (SBA) commitment to venture capital over many decades has been a contributor to the fund's performance. Last year the team had 340 meetings and calls, reviewed 109 funds, carried out due diligence on 26 and invested in three. Successful IPOs and SPACs, plus realisations from investments made in 2013/14, have led to a standout performance.
FIS Digital – June 2020

Florida: Opportunities in a crisis

The Florida State Board of Administration has made some strategic moves to take advantage of opportunities in the dislocation, including in private equity, distressed debt and active listed equities.. But CIO, Ash Williams, is concerned about the underlying real economy.

Firearms Principles provide a target

A coalition of 13 institutional investors, led by the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, has crafted principles for engaging with entities that manufacture, sell or regulate guns in a way that fosters a responsible civilian gun industry and reduces risk. The guidelines are intentionally flexible so each organisation can apply them in accordance with its own models for engagement.
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