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Largest pension funds get bigger

Willis Towers Watson’s report on the top 300 pension funds for 2016 shows the world’s largest 20 funds have increased their share of global pension assets under management by 7.1 per cent.

LSE fiduciary investor think tank

Investors were challenged to think differently about their portfolios by the latest academic thinking from the London School of Economics at a one-day investment roundtable in London last week.   Chief investment officers from UK and European public and corporate pension funds convened at the London School of Economics for a highly interactive one-day investment […]

Pimco advocates emerging markets

The flight to quality was not limited to certain developed-country debt during the volatility in the second half of 2011. Indeed, Pimco’s global co-head of emerging-markets portfolio management Ramin Toloui says that some emerging-market government bonds are potential safe havens during times of market stress. He says that the bond giant’s Global Advantage Government Bond […]

ESG seeks meaningful relationship with performance

Research on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and investments has advanced in rigour, coverage and volume, but data quality, and the problems of reverse causality are still concerns for academics looking for a meaningful relationship between ESG factors and investment performance.

Fund flows demonstrate a defensive 2011

Analysis of asset class and sector fund flows in 2011 reveals investors’ propensity to flock to defensive assets, according to data from EPFR Global. Emerging market equities revealed the biggest difference year on year, with outflows of $47.7 billion for 2011 contrasting with inflows of $95.6 billion for the previous year. The emerging markets equity […]

Defined benefit still dominates largest funds

Defined benefit funds still dominate the structure of the largest 300 pension funds globally, and this troop of large funds now make up almost half of all pension assets around the world. Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan, largest 300 pension funds, P&I, Towers WatsonAsset Owner: White is responsible for the content across all Conexus […]