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Temasek Holdings

Temasek is a global investment company owned by the Government of Singapore. Temasek operates as an active shareholder and investor, and its investments activities are guided by four central themes – transforming economies, growing middle income populations, deepening comparative advantages and emerging champions. As a result, Temasek differs from many sovereign wealth funds because it invests mostly in equity and is the outright owner of many assets.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara

Chief Investment Officer

Ravi lambah & Nagi hamiyeh


Lim Boon Heng

Asset allocation
Temasek has a largely equity porfolio anchored in Asia.

45% Listed large blocs(> 50% share)

10% Listed large blocs(>20% and <50% share)

7% Liquid & sub=20% listed asset(mainly cash)

38% related articles
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Temasek’s gaze fixed on China

China is the largest investment destination for Temasek Holdings, with Bank of China and China Construction Bank two of its most significant holdings. Finding investment opportunities in Asia is also the key focus for the Singaporean investment company. Asia, Bank of China, China, commodities, S Dhanabalan, TemasekAsset Owner:Temasek Holdings
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GIC signals five emerging markets for future growth

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