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Utah Retirement Systems

Utah Retirement Systems (URS), an independent component unit of the State of Utah, is responsible for administering retirement and defined contribution benefits for state, local government, and public education employees in the State of Utah. URS is composed of six defined benefit pension systems and five defined contribution plans.


United States



Chief Executive

Daniel Andersen

Chief Investment Officer

John Skjervem


Marty Peterson

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Utah Retirement Systems: Why ESG is a waste of time

Divestment doesn't work, scope 3 reporting will tie companies in regulatory knots and ESG integration threatens pension funds long term returns and their ability to finance the transition. Utah Retirement Systems' John Skjervem says the only way to solve the climate emergency is to keep investing in fossil fuels.
FIS Digital – May 2021

New managers struggle to get ahead via zoom

The interruptions to work and the revolution of technological tools in 2020 have changed thee way investors assess funds managers. A discussion around due diligence in a lockdown environment finds  that allocators have tended to stick with existing relationships through the pandemic making it difficult for managers approaching investors for the first time to form relationships and win mandates.
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Utah to look for PE managers

The $37 billion Utah Retirement Systems (URS) will allocate to private equity managers directly, rather than through funds-of-funds, for the first time since it began investing in the asset class 35 years ago.
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