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The power of collective investor action

It’s time for the responsible investment community to step up and play its role as long-term holders of capital and call corporations to account. It’s time for asset owners sitting at the apex of the investment chain to lead the financial sector through this crisis. We need to maintain a focus on long-term horizons and support collective action while trying to understand the real issues companies are facing from COVID-19 as well as the flow on effects to our individual portfolios.

The rise of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

In the past 20 years the number of SWFs has grown from 20 to more than 100 with their assets estimated to grow by $500 billion a year. So where do they invest and what impact are they having on the market? Sarah Rundell investigates.

Breaking barriers: Trustee diversity

Trustee boards lack diversity because there is a lack of role models, because breaking into a non-diverse trustee board is challenging and unwittingly hostile, according to executive director of regulatory policy, analysis and advice at The Pensions Regulator, which is committed to supporting pension funds to improve diversity and inclusion and will produce best practice guidance on board composition.

Challenges for Germany’s pension funds

Opportunities exist to improve portfolio efficiency among Germany’s pension funds, but it will create additional governance requirements. The conservatism of the portfolios is seemingly more difficult to move and reflects the higher degree of comfort required by German investors. Head of investments in Germany for Willis Towers Watson argues it is important to note that the short-term comfort this may provide may well come at a long-term cost.

The importance of board education

Art Alfaro is executive director of the Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems, , the largest provider of pension trustee training and continuing education for pension system trustees and administrators in Texas, beelieves the trustees and administrators behind Texas’s 93 retirement systems illustrate how board education pays off.