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Fixed Income

Braving the unknown: high yield debt

Option-adjusted spreads for US high yield are above 700 basis points, a stress event threshold only breached four other times in the last two decades.  Mercer's Nathan Struemph examines the considerations for investors looking at these investments including the range of return outcomes in prior stress events, the path investors had to experience in reaching those outcomes, and the impact of implementation timeliness on returns.
Fixed Income

Dislocated credit market opportunities

Credit opportunities within long-only fixed income, hedge funds and private markets are broad and likely to expand as the economic impact of COVID-19 is reflected in corporate earnings and balance sheets. This type of environment has historically led to investment opportunities for long-term investors across the credit spectrum. Investors seeking to benefit from credit dislocation should ensure that suitable portfolio allocations are in place.
Fixed Income

APG China strategy: In-house with E Fund

APG's capacity to carry out its own research has meant it is ahead of the curve in allocation millions to its first local currency China fixed income strategy. APG is also setting itself up to be a catalyst for change and aims to set new standards on ESG in China.