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The real star of Washington State

Renowned academic Ashby Monk said the best way to lure talent to US public sector retirement funds unable to pay Wall Street salaries was to hire the green, the grey or the grounded. With a 30-year career spanning business, government and media, Theresa Whitmarsh, executive director of the $92.1-billion Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) laughs […]
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The complex puzzle of emerging markets

The emerging market story is a puzzle with many pieces. From an overall philosophical standpoint, the demographic and economic shifts are obvious reasons to have a weighting to emerging markets. But the complexity comes into play with the question of how to invest. Investors can consider private equity, property and other direct investments as a […]
Emerging Markets

Emerging markets: the strategy choice

Usually when the $129-billion Ontario Teachers Pension Plan makes a strategic move, the rest of the investing community pays attention. With a 15-per-cent allocation to emerging markets and a strategic plan to increase it to 20 per cent over the next couple of years, OTPP just opened an office in Hong Kong to take advantage […]
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In-house not for
every house: WSIB

While the trend for most large institutional investors is to insource asset management, the $85-billion Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) has decided to take a different path. Much-cited CEM Benchmarking research shows that funds with internal-management platforms are better performers after cost, and this is largely driven by the lower costs of internal management. Many […]

Washington reviews governance, pay and in-house investment

The pay levels, amount of in-house investment activity and governance structure of the $83 billion Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) may be under review following a rigorous debate that included a presentation to the board by KPA Advisory’s Keith Ambachtsheer. Gary Bruebaker, governance, ICPM, in-house investment, Keith Ambactsheer, Theresa Whitmarsh, Washington State Investment Board, WSIBAsset […]
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WSIB eschews administrivia for risk deep-dives

This summer the Washington State Investment Board will conduct two “deep dives” using its new risk tools to examine the portfolio exposure to US debt, and the impact of turmoil among the European Union. Executive director, Theresa Whitmarsh, discusses the board planning session, which will also include a review of the fund’s resource constraints. risk […]

Funds count costs of external asset management

Cost is the flagrant motivation in the trend for US pension funds to move assets in-house, but as this article explores, budgets also need to extend to the demands of investment research, travel and staff incentive compensation. CEM Benchmarking, FISCEM, in-house vs external asset management, New Jersey Division of Investment, NJDOIAsset Owner:
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Washington takes risks within wider framework

The $71 billion Washington State Investment Board has made a renewed commitment to overweighting emerging markets and private equity, but a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk management framework will help ensure the inherent risks of that strategy remain in check. emerging markets, Private Equity, Risk Management, Theresa Whitmarsh, Washington State Investment BoardAsset Owner: White is responsible for […]