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Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)

The Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) manages investments for 17 retirement plans for public employees, teachers, school employees, law enforcement officers, firefighters and judges.WSIB also manages investments for several other important public funds that benefit Washington’s industrial insurance program, colleges and universities, and developmental disability programs.


United States



Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Allyson Tucker

Chief Investment Officer

Chris Hanak


Tracy Guerin

Asset allocation
Asset allocation is for retirement funds (which makes up the majority of the overal AUM)

2.4% Cash and Cash Equivalents

16.3% Debt Securities

24.3% Equity Securities

57% Alternative Investment related articles
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Washington State’s secret sauce

A big contributor to the long-term top decile performance of the Washington State Investment Board has been its high allocation to private markets. But it is not just the high allocation that sets the fund apart from its peers, it’s also the nature of the relationships with its GPs. Amanda White speaks to retiring CIO Gary Bruebaker about the fund's secret sauce.
Asset Allocation

Washington works to be the best LP

Private equity has been a stand out for the $130 billion Washington State Investment Board and CIO Gary Bruebaker says the real trick is attracting the top general partners. That means making sharp investments, being true to your word and nurturing the relationship.
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