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PME is a non-profit pension fund that administers the pensions of 1,393 employers, 165,000 active participants and 167,000 retirees in the metal and technology industry.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Eric Uijen

Chief Investment Officer

Marcel Andringa


Nicole Beuken

Asset allocation
PME continues to work on its climate policy and focus on the energy transition. In recent months, all investments in fossil oil and gas extraction and distribution have been sold.

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Demystifying private equity

US public pension funds, on average, have around 9.4 per cent allocated to private equity but for many public funds monitoring the firms that manage these investments – including the transparency of underlying investments, fees, performance and benchmarking – as well justifying these investments to boards and stakeholders, takes up more than 10 per cent […]
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PME’s path to recovery

PME, the €18.8 billion (US$25.6 billion) industry-wide pension fund for the mechanical and electrical engineering sector in the Netherlands, has seen its funding ratio fall 45 per cent over the last year. Kristen Paech talks to the fund about its recovery plan, including the decision not to rebalance equities, and the benefits of using a […]
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