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Maryland applauds departing CIO

The US$587 million Maryland State Retirement and Pension System (Maryland SRPS) has confirmed the departure of its chief investment officer, Mansco Perry III (pictured), to the position of CIO of the endowment fund of Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Commodities and emerging markets funds will run the gauntlet

There are eight “gauntlets” that any managed fund will have to run over the medium term,  according to Investec Asset Management investment strategist Michael Power, and while a Japanese equity fund might be lucky to meet one of them, funds investing in commodities or the emerging markets would satisfy almost all eight.

The more foreign the market, the more funds-of-funds

The world’s largest institutional investors are increasingly building their own home-region private equity programs, but turning to fund-of-funds for the rest of the world particularly when it comes to Asia, says a Hong Kong-based partner of the first fund-of funds to ever build a product covering that region.