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Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System

Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System is a multi-employer cost-sharing defined-benefit public pension fund based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Established in 1923, the plan provides retirement, annuity, health, and disability benefits to eligible government employees. It primarily invests in alternative investment strategies including buyouts, distressed debt, turnarounds, energy, oil & gas, international private equity, limited partnership secondaries, mezzanine, and venture capital. The assets are managed by an eleven-member retirement board.


United States



Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Joseph Torta

Chief Investment Officer

Benjamin Cotton


David R. Fillman

Asset allocation

33% Common and preferred stocks

16% Fixed Income

20% Private Equity

8% Real Estate

3% Short-term Investments

3% Hedge Funds

14% Comingled Public Equity Funds

3% Comingled Fixed Income Funds related articles
Investor Profile

Liquidity, rebalancing reign at PSERS

Cash is king right now, according to CIO of the Pennsylvania School Employees’ Retirement System, Jim Grossman, and he’s got plenty of it. The fund has a very diversified asset allocation, with about half the portfolio invested in liquid assets and Grossman and his team are working hard to make sure that the strategic allocations are maintained.
Asset Allocation

Wiseman’s wise words for investors

Ensuring a portfolio has enough liquidity to rebalance back to the long-term strategic asset allocation is the most critical preparation investors can do ahead of any crisis, according to Mark Wiseman, who said this current environment could be the "opportunity of a generation".
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