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Nebraska Investment Council

The Nebraska Investment Council manages $34 billion across 32 investment programs:

  • $16.4 billion in 5 defined benefit pension plans
  • $4.0 billion in 7 other retirement plans
  • $1.6 billion in 11 public endowments
  • $5.6 billion in the Operating Investment Pool, the State’s checkbook, managed internally
  • $84.1 million in 3 State trusts
  • $6.5 billion in 5 savings plans


United States

AUM ($B)




Chief Investment Officer

Michael Walden-Newman


Gail Werner-Robertson

Asset allocation

29.7% US Equity

11.2% Non-US Equity

20.8% Global Equity

26.4% Fixed Income

5.2% Real Estate*

7.9% Private Equity related articles
Investor Profile

Rediscovering FI at Nebraska

The $27 billion Nebraska Investment Council is conducting a deep dive into its fixed income portfolio, inviting up to 25 current and potential external managers to pitch their best ideas. The process begins by wiping any preconceived notions around the allocation’s role in the overall portfolio and justifying its place as if from scratch. It ends two years later with the issuing of mandates.
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