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Cbus Super

Construction and Building Unions Superannuation (Cbus) is one of Australia’s largest public offer industry superannuation funds. Their members include workers and retirees, their families and employers. Cbus is also a significant investor in the Australian economy and continues to grow investment in both infrastructure and property assets in Australia and overseas.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Justin Arter

Chief Investment Officer

Kristian Fok


Wayne Swan

Asset allocation

22.33% Australian Shares

23.87% Global Shares

3.03% Emerging Market Shares

2.16% Private Equity

1.33% Alternative Growth

13.64% Infrastructure

13.11% Property

7.28% Global Credit

6.08% Australian Fixed Interest

0.89% Global Fixed Interest

6.28% Cash related articles

Why disclosure and communication are key to pension excellence

Comprehensive, holistic value disclosures and compelling communication are key benchmarks for pension funds. This has been confirmed by the first year experience working with leading global pension funds for the Global Pension Transparency Benchmark, a collaboration between and CEM Benchmarking. In year two, in recognition of this belief and communication excellence, we have decided to award bonus points to funds preparing Framework integrated annual reports. Mike Heale looks at four examples of pension funds already using the Framework.
FIS Digital – May 2021

Debunking distressed debt

The sharp market falls triggered by the pandemic brought the longest recovery ever in modern finance to an abrupt end. But despite the turmoil unleashed by COVID, it has not wrung out the market excesses of the last 13-year cycle. It means another wave of corporate failures could appear on the horizon in a shorter timeframe than expected, and offer more opportunities for distressed debt investors, according to Victor Khosla founder of SVP Global.

Investors cluster around AI SDG platform

A growing number of influential asset owners have expressed interest in a new sustainable development investment (SDI) Asset Owner Investor Platform launched by Dutch funds APG and PGGM. The AI-driven technology sifts through reams of structured and unstructured data to gauge the extent to which companies’ products and activities meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
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