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HOOPP ‘healthy’ building to reduce energy by 50 per cent

The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) Realty-owned AeroCentre V opened in Mississauga this week, a cutting edge “healthy” office building with features that include windows that open, and natural light that will help will reduce energy consumption 35-50 per cent.

HOOPP building

HOOPP senior portfolio manager, real estate, Lisa Lafave, said HOOPP’s recent focus on healthier buildings is “not only is good for the environment, but is good for the people who work in these buildings – we’ve found they are healthier, more productive, and tend to want to work there longer”.

The $31 billion fund has about $4 billion in its real estate portfolio and its holdings include the new Telus Tower in downtown Toronto, as well as many commercial real estate properties across the country, ranging from office towers, to shopping malls and warehouses.

Principal of Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co, Dermot Sweeny, said there was a lot of original thinking behind the project.

“HOOPP is interested in suburban infill … putting a new building on a site that was considered to be built-out. This is important, because it means no new infrastructure (water, sewers, roads) have had to be built, and no agricultural land is being turned over to development. It’s the healthy thing to do.”

“HOOPP are thought-leaders in the development of healthier buildings,” Sweeny says.

He noted that the use of natural light on the site will reduce energy consumption 35-50 per cent.

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