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Is LDI fit for purpose?

An LDI approach, which included a large allocation to bonds and a lot of internal investment management, helped HOOPP survive the GFC and has served it well for the past 13 years. But now – with the COVID crisis and a very low interest rate environment – that approach is being revisited and the fund is looking to invest more in alpha generating assets, and external management.

Infra models under the spotlight

A nuanced environment for modelling cash flows and discount rates in infrastructure comes at a time when pension funds globally are looking to invest more heavily in the asset class. So what should investors be looking out for?
Fiduciary Investors Series

Liability driven investing 2.0: How HOOPP is evolving its investment strategy

In this Fiduciary Investors Series podcast, Amanda White talks to Jeff Wendling, chief executive of HOOPP – the C$94 billion Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan. In 2007, HOOPP moved to a liability driven investing approach, which included a large allocation to bonds and internal management. In a very different interest rate environment it is now exploring if that is still a relevant approach.

Year in review

Analysing the most read stories of 2016 reveals some interesting trends. Overwhelmingly the most popular investment stories have been about fees and issues of sustainability.