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What, really, are your pension liabilities?

Liabilities in UK pension schemes are grossly under-estimated with the current valuation system not recognising  the perilous funding position in both corporate and public systems. The implications for not addressing this include huge financial costs borne unfairly by younger members of the schemes. Stefan Lundbergh, head of innovation, and Andrew Stewart, client manager at Cardano, […]
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Pension funds, where banks no longer go?

There continues to be potential for pension capital appearing where bank lending no longer wants to go. Commentators in the UK and continental Europe have heightened expectations that pension funds will step in to help fill the continent’s bank financing gap. Societe Generale, for instance, recently predicted further “disintermediation” by investors sidestepping banks and looking […]
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Advancing the DB versus DC debate

It is possible for the best elements of defined benefit (DB) schemes to be applied to defined contribution (DC) schemes, by replicating real deferred annuities to produce superior pension outcomes for members, according to a new paper by APG. The paper, How to mimic DB-like benefits in a DC product, does what it says. It […]