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COVID-19 Research Hub

Alternative data as a market predictor

It is critical to analyse how much COVID-19 could impact the US economy and stock markets but most of the traditional factors or economic indicators will lag the market movement. Therefore, alternative datasets other than the financial data show their explanation power to provide insights into the pandemic. This article, by academics at Tsinghua University, University of Illinois and Carnegie Mellon University, looks at the pattern of the market fluctuation from the perspective of alternative data.

No equality without everyone

This piece is part of Disability Demands Justice, a dynamic, ever-evolving hub by the Ford Foundation to deepen our understanding of how disability intersects with social justice.
PodcastA new future

The path to a sustainable economy

This episode explores the key pillars of a sustainable recovery including the three important long term trends that need to be addressed climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality.

The challenge of tracking climate change

Climate change has started to significantly affect many firms, but properly quantifying firm-level exposure to climate change risks and opportunities is a challenge for investors, regulators and policy makers.

William Nordhaus versus the UN

William Nordhaus favors a carbon tax to slow climate change but his own model shows that the UN’s target would make humanity poorer than doing nothing at all about climate change.