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France’s FRR prepares to ramp up equity

The French SWF, FRR, is preparing to invest more in equities and illiquid assets as important reforms extend its time horizon. With the coronavirus crisis delaying the asset allocation decisions the fund is operating in an "intermediate context", slowly shifting out of bonds and into equities.

UK reforms have pension schemes in mind

The UK’s Competition and Market Authority has put forward several changes to the investment consultant and fiduciary manager markets designed to ensure competition improves outcomes for pension schemes and other institutional investors. A competitive tender process would be required, as would clear distinctions between advice and marketing.

Why Washington keeps giving in to Wall Street

Wall Street’s leaders are largely unrepentant for the immense harm their institutions inflicted on the U.S. economy during the financial crisis, and their outlook nd behavior have not changed in any significant way since the crisis, according to a George Washington University Law School paper. However the lengthy and detailed paper argues there is hope. […]

End of the beginning for responsible investment

Recent reflections on this month’s five-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse have focused on a variety of developments since the crisis: from reform to remuneration, sovereign debt to shadow banking, and from offshore tax to the Occupy movement. However, one significant area that has been largely overlooked has been the rise of sustainable and […]

Global regulation: not the time to lose interest

This paper by Pantheon Ventures argues there is an excellent case for appropriate global regulatory reform, but warns it must be proportionate and non-discriminatory, and it must acknowledge that the financial system is global.