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How to spot an authentic leader

The investment industry needs authentic leaders: what do they look like? Rob Lake argues for a new form of leadership that is intensely human and can stimulate more innovation and creativity in work.
Manager Relationships

Why underperformers matter

The specter of “winning” associated with highly achieving firms in the investment industry can be dangerous. Head of manager research at Mercer, Deb Clarke, looks at why CIOs should not overlook underperforming firms.
Manager Relationships

Rediscovering FI at Nebraska

The $27 billion Nebraska Investment Council is conducting a deep dive into its fixed income portfolio, inviting up to 25 current and potential external managers to pitch their best ideas. The process begins by wiping any preconceived notions around the allocation’s role in the overall portfolio and justifying its place as if from scratch. It ends two years later with the issuing of mandates.

A guide for trustees for the long term

Last month the book Achieving Investment Excellence, was launched in the auditorium of Dutch pension investor APG. The book is a guide to empowering pension fund trustees to get a good grip on the difficulty of successful long-term investing for pension funds. spoke to one of the authors, principal director investment strategy of PGGM, Jaap van Dam.