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United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF) was established in 1949, by a resolution of the General Assembly, to provide retirement, death, disability and related benefits for staff upon cessation of their services with the United Nations. The Fund comprises the staff of the United Nations and 24 other organizations admitted to membership in the Fund.


United States



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Chief Executive

Rosemarie McClean

Chief Investment Officer

Toru Shindo


Pedro Antonio Guazo Alonso

Asset allocation

50.63% Global Equities

8.33% Private Equity

9.19% Real Estate

0.47% Real Assets

28.73% Fixed Income

2.65% Cash & Equivalents related articles

Finance teaching not fit for purpose

Finance needs to be based on “real world economics” not the unrealistic and rational assumptions of traditional finance argue co-editors Herman Bril, Georg Kell and Andreas Rasche in their book Sustainable Investing: A path to a New Horizon.

UN pension’s journey in sustainability

It began with simple restrictions on investments in tobacco and firearms. Years later, the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund has added new metrics, technology, data sets and engagement, in support of the philosophy that ESG factors and the sustainable development goals breed superior long-term returns.
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What is the right level of cash?

The $54 billion United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund has adapted to be more dynamic in its asset allocation, a result of lessons learned from the crisis and new stress-testing capabilities. The belief in active management still resonates with the fund beating its 10-year policy objectives. Amanda White spoke to the director of the investment […]