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Oregon Public Employees Retirement System

Managed by Oregon State Treasury


United States

AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Kevin Olineck

Chief Investment Officer

Rex Kim


Sadhana Shenoy

Asset allocation
Oregon Investment Council runs a diverse strategy across multiple assets and recently introduced ESG into its investment process

32.5% Public Equity

23.5% private Equity

2.1% opportunity portfolio

16.4% Fixed Income

2.4% risk parity

10.7% real estate

10.1% alternative investments

2.3% cash miscellaneous related articles
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Private equity boom also holds challenges for Oregon

It's been a white hot year for private equity but challenges in the asset class continue for investors, like the impact on total asset allocation given massive appreciations in portfolio values, plus slow distributions from GPs. We look at Oregon Public Employee Retirement Fund’s large private equity portfolio.
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