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Oregon Public Employees Retirement System

The Public Employees Retirement System is the retirement and disability fund for public employees in the U.S. state of Oregon established in 1946. Employees of the state, school districts, and local governments are eligible for coverage. A health insurance plan for covered retirees was added to the program in 1987. Assets are managed by Oregon State Treasury.


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Kevin Olineck

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Rex Kim


Sadhana Shenoy

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30% Public Equity

20% Private Equity

20% Debt Securities

12.5% Real Estate

7.5% Real Assets

7.5% Diversifying strategies

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Private equity angst at Oregon

A stubbornly high exposure, lacklustre M&A deals and exit activity as well as a slowdown in fundraising and deployment and market volatility creating benchmarking havoc have all conspired to cause consternation in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund's private equity allocation.
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Oregon’s OPERF charts progress in hedge fund overhaul

The $95.4 billion Oregon Investment Council has established anchor relationships in relative value, event-driven, and global-macro strategies, expanded the CTA portfolio, equally weighted managers, and is looking at additional multi-strategy funds. Meanwhile it is also restructuring its public equity allocation following a review of the portfolio and its managers.
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Private equity boom also holds challenges for Oregon

It's been a white hot year for private equity but challenges in the asset class continue for investors, like the impact on total asset allocation given massive appreciations in portfolio values, plus slow distributions from GPs. We look at Oregon Public Employee Retirement Fund’s large private equity portfolio.
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