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New York State Teachers’ Retirement Fund

Established in 1921 by the New York State Legislature, NYSTRS provides retirement, disability and death benefits to eligible New York State public school teachers and administrators through a defined benefit plan. It is the second-largest public retirement system in the state and one of the 10-largest public pension funds in the US.


United States



Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Thomas K. Lee

Chief Investment Officer

Thomas K. Lee


David P. Keefe

Asset allocation

32.2% Domestic Equity

15.1% International Equity

3.3% Global Equity

12.7% Real Estate Equity

10.8% Private Equity

14.1% Domestic Fixed Income

0.8% High-yield bonds

2.2% Global Bonds

5.9% Real Estate Debt

1.1% Private Debt

1.8% Cash Equivalents related articles
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NYSTRS defends defined benefit funds

The defined-benefit New York State Teachers’ Retirement System is defending its 8 per cent assumed rate of return at a time in the US when the limelight is focussed on pension fund structural issues.    defined benefit funds, defined contribution, National Association of State Retirement AdministratorsAsset Owner:New York State Teachers’ Retirement FundNew York City Teachers’ Retirement […]
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NYSTRS reallocates to international passive

The executive director of the $72 billion New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS), Thomas Lee, has been given the discretion to reallocate actively managed international equity assets into passive funds, in line with a board decision to use a blended international equity benchmark, as the fund appoints new consultants to begin from January. NYSTRSAsset […]
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NYSTRS leaves UNPRI but remains committed to governance

The New York State Teachers Retirement System has voluntarily withdrawn active participation in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) initiative but will continue to support strong corporate governance principles through memberships in the Council of Institutional Investors and Ceres. Asset Owner:New York State Teachers’ Retirement FundNew York City Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS)