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AP Fonden 1 (AP1)

Första AP-fonden (AP1) is one of five AP-funds which ensures stability in the Swedish national income pension system. AP1 has a global portfolio consisting of equities, fixed income securities and alternative investments that include real estate, private equity funds and hedge funds.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Kristin Magnusson Bernard

Chief Investment Officer

Mikael Angberg


Urban Hansson Brusewitz

Asset allocation
The fund has a target return of 3 per cent after expenses in real terms over rolling ten-year periods, and 4 per cent in real terms over 40 years.AP1 invests sustainably and for the long term, and is an engaged owner.

32% Non-Swedish Equities

17.3% Swedish Equities

24.2% Fixed Income Securities

16.2% Real Estate and Infrastructure

4.9% Private Equity Funds

3.8% Hedge Funds

1.9% High Yield related articles
FIS Digital – May 2021

Transparency’s many investor benefits

Research that looks at the relationship between economic transparency and defining investment qualities such as yield spreads, credit ratings and stock price volatility shows sovereign transparency helps improve the value of assets, enables countries to lower their borrowing costs and achieve a better credit rating.

The qualities of successful stewardship

The Investor Mining & Tailings Safety Initiative, chaired by the Church of England Pensions Board and the Swedish Council of Ethics of the AP Funds has won the PRI Stewardship Project of the Year Award. The initiative reveals the qualities of successful stewardship.
Asset Allocation

AP1’s young, quant team making change

Dmytro Sheludchenko, part of the internal quant team at AP1, underscores how leading pension funds are building internal young teams to embrace technology, look beyond short-term implementation to focus on long-term value, and draw expertise from the vast amounts of data in today’s new investment landscape.
Manager Relationships

Quality before quantity for AP1

In a world where it’s difficult to find asset managers that regularly beat the market, Swedish pension fund AP1 looks for managers by evaluating people, process and culture first. The head of external asset management, Majdi Chammas explains.
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