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The Devil Wears UBS … revised edition

Style is not really the forté of the Swiss so it may come as no surprise that the London arm of Swiss investment bank UBS got itself into a pickle after it published a 44-page dress code for employees late last year.

The code, which included compulsory red ties for men and advice on acceptable stockings and lingerie for women, was widely ridiculed in the City.

Now, it seems, UBS has withdrawn the booklet and has stated it will produce a less formal slimmed-down version, according to news service Associated Press. A spokesman was quoted this week as saying: “We’re reviewing what’s important to us.”

This has allowed the notoriously aggressive London press the opportunity to revisit the original code. Some highlights are:

. For female employees, the code spells out how to apply make-up and what types of perfume are advisable. They need to avoid showing different-coloured roots if they dye their hair and also avoid wearing black nail polish.

. In the sensitive underwear department, skin-coloured is preferable to dark knickers.

. Men are told how to knot their red ties and advised to get a haircut at least monthly. They should avoid unruly beards and earrings.

. For both sexes: glasses “should always be kept clean – on the one hand this gives you optimal vision, and on the other hand dirty glasses create an appearance of negligence”.

The spokesperson admitted that people had made fun of UBS over the code but said it did not cause the firm any reputational damage.

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