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NZ investors act on terror attack

New Zealand’s largest investors are urging Facebook, Google and Twitter to take more responsibility for what is published on their platforms, following the live-streaming and sharing on social media of last week’s Christchurch terror attacks. They are calling on other global investors to act with them.
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Social networks in the investment web

Reels of financial data and analysis coupled with the occasional piece of market gossip or personal hunch are the time-honoured tools investors rely on in building an active portfolio. More recently, an element of sustainability or corporate governance analysis has tried to muscle into the process. Soon there will be another revolutionary option complementing financial […]

Industry fails to go “Gaga” on social media

Recent ructions in financial markets may have increased the worries of many asset managers but you are unlikely to see them telling the world about their glide path plans or their fat tails risks on a social media site, a new survey has found.