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Global CIO survey: lowered expectations

Connecticut-based financial services management consultant, Casey Quirk, and institutional investment specialist publication,, joined forces in a global chief investment officer survey to measure the sentiment of asset owners, and the extent to which the 2008 crisis has had an effect on the behaviour of internal investment teams, their outlook and corresponding asset allocation. With […]

What is intergenerational justice?

In the paper Pension Funds, Sovereign-wealth Funds and Intergenerational Justice from the Norwegian School of Economics, those Scandinavians have come up with something better than the national alcohol monopoly: a natty new finance term. “Intergenerational justice” (try saying it thrice after a glass of aquavit) seems to refer to a combination of two things: a […]

Natixis champions
Asian alternatives

In a bid to achieve long-term returns without incurring the risk of today’s choppy markets, Asia’s biggest institutional investors are increasingly opting for alternatives in their asset allocation. The majority of respondents in a survey of 120 Asian institutional investors no longer deem long-held industry norms – such as lengthy holding periods or conventional 60/40 […]
Research survey: funds favour domestic property

Funds are looking to increase their allocations to property, with direct ownership of unlisted pooled-property funds the most popular way of gaining exposure, a global property survey reveals. The survey shows funds have an average exposure to property of 9.5 per cent of their overall portfolios and would most likely move funds from equities […]

Are pension funds really long-term investors?

Pension funds used to be considered long-term investors, but the reactionary behaviour of a recent prudence* of pension funds globally has changed my view of their time-horizons and subsequent role in capital markets. *Prudence is the newly-crowned collective noun for pension funds as per the competition in our newsroom. Have your say in our poll.

State Street teams with lawyers for SWF think-tank

A three-way research collaboration, between State Street, law firm K&L Gates and The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, will deliver a series of bilateral webinars, thought pieces, research, and focused executive education programs, specifically for, and about, sovereign wealth funds.