MSCI will be patient with A-Shares

Reports are that the inclusion of 226 Chinese large caps in the Emerging Markets Index has gone well. Small-cap and mid-cap shares could follow if concerns about suspensions prove unfounded.

MSCI leaves out suspended A-shares

A handful of companies halted trading this week, prompting MSCI to drop plans to add them to its emerging markets index as it made the long-awaited inclusion of 229 China-listed stocks.
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GPIF seeks better beta through ESG

You can't beat the market if you are the market. That's reality for Japan's behemoth pension fund; therefore, it looks to improve overall returns by engaging and investing with an ESG focus.
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AP1 to up leverage, factor exposure

AP1 has its sights on broader, more efficient diversification, with plans to intensify its focus on derivatives and shake up its approach to hedge funds. We spoke to CIO, Mikael Angberg.
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NZ Super cleans out its carbon

Investors are not getting paid for taking on carbon risk according to New Zealand Super, prompting the fund to move its global passive equities portfolio to low carbon.

5-yearly power transfer looms in China

As China readies for its five-yearly leadership reshuffle, global investors are watching to see how they’re poised to manage the world’s second-largest economy as it faces up to its debt dilemma.

Factors trump skill: MSCI

MSCI research has shown that, among top-performing funds, more than half of active returns come from factors, rather than manager skill, and style factors have the biggest impact.

MSCI finally adds China to indices

MSCI’s long-awaited decision to include China’s A shares in its emerging markets and ACWI indices will affect more than $1.6 trillion in funds that track the MSCI Emerging Markets In
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MSCI shines light in tax gap

MSCI ESG Research has seen growing demand from institutional investors for data on tax-related risk. In response, it has added data such as geographic revenue transparency to its ratings.

What China’s index inclusion means

The implications for investors of the inclusion of China A-shares in the wider MSCI indexes, an inevitable outcome, will be discussed at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Yale in October.

Worlds colliding

The debate about the effect of pay inequality on both the financial and real-world markets is about to get a whole lot hotter this year.

Beyond divestment

While divestment is a useful tool to communicate concerns of climate risk to stakeholders, it is not an optimal investment strategy, in part because it ignores short-term benchmark risk. A research paper by MSCI provides a framework for evaluating ways to reduce two dimensions of carbon exposure – current carbon emissions and potential future emissions... Read more »