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PFZW reformulates investment principles

PFZW, the €150 billion ($205 billion) Dutch pension fund for the health care industry, has created a new investment framework which is the result of an 18-month soul-searching journey under a project called “The White Sheet of Paper”. The framework will translate into policy and implementation steps starting from 2015. Jaap van Dam, PGGM´s chief […]
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Risk modelling
requires review

Advocating the use of financial models a six-year-old could understand and warning that the dogmatic belief in overly complex and unrealistic models contributed to the financial crisis were some of the challenging views put to the attendees of the recent CFA Institute’s annual conference. Throwing down the gauntlet was GMO asset-allocation team member James Montier, […]

Call for action on Euro crisis

A group of prominent academics from across the globe have called on governments to substantially reform the world’s banking system and have laid out a plan for dealing with the Euro crisis.
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Asset managers raise alarm

Popular movements seem more likely to emanate from camped-out protesters than boardrooms, but a new organisation headed by Hermes Fund Managers acting chief executive officer Saker Nusseibeh has the ambitious aim of radically reforming the investment industry.