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Portfolio alignment metrics will be a crucial catalyst of the transition to net zero

David Blood, head of the portfolio alignment team at the COP26 private finance hub and co-founder of Generation Investment Management argues that portfolio alignment metrics will be a crucial catalyst of the transition to net zero. Here he argues, with Dominic Tighe and Tanguy Séné who are members of the portfolio alignment team, that by establishing standards of best practice, the Portfolio Alignment Report helps these metrics to reach their potential.
Sustainability Digital – Sept 2021

Church of Sweden manages concentration risk

The SEK10 billion Church of Sweden fund invests all its assets through a sustainability lens. It’s had stellar performance driven largely by a chunk of the fund invested in the Generation Investment Management global equity fund, an investment that was diluted last year to manage concentration risk. Amanda White spoke to CIO, Anders Thorendal.
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Taking the future into account

At the International Centre for Pension Management’s biannual meeting in London, Jack Gray and Generation’s David Blood had a tête à tête on sustainability. An academic at the Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality at the University of Technology Sydney, Gray has written a paper, Misadventures of an Irresponsible Investor, that at its core […]