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Montagnon defines investor engagement

There is scope for European legislation directing asset owners who issue mandates to service providers in Europe to say that they have “thought through” what they want their asset managers to engage with companies on, ICGN conference delegates heard. Peter Montagnon, senior investment adviser of corporate governance at the UK Financial Reporting Council, says there […]
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Rethink remuneration

Institutional investors around the world have been lobbying for the right to have a say on pay, a right to have an input into the remuneration of the executives in the companies they invest in. In June the UK’s business secretary, Vince Cable, laid out new plans that will give shareholders three-yearly votes on executive […]

Research questions shareholder voting

Authors Christopher Armstrong from The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, Ian Gow of Harvard Business School and David Larcker from the Graduate School of Business Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford University, look at the efficacy of shareholder voting. The study examines the effects of shareholder support for equity compensation plans on subsequent chief executive […]
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ESG almost an afterthought

Only 26 of 4300 companies surveyed by Governance Metrics International (GMI) have a specific clause that measures executive compensation against a sustainability metric, and institutional investors play a pivotal role in transforming this behaviour. Kimberly Gladman, director of research and risk analytics at the governance research company GMI, says investors should set the expectations that […]