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Irish fund “turned on its head”

Institutional investors across the planet are squaring up to changed realities in the wake of the financial crisis. It is difficult though to think of any that has found its operating environment transformed as fundamentally as Ireland’s National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF). “Being turned on its head is a fairly accurate way to describe the […]
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Recovery in action: Irish SWF liquidates

The portion of Ireland’s sovereign wealth fund where investments can be made at the direction of the Minister for Finance, directed investments, is now considerably bigger than the fund’s discretionary portfolio, following a further €4.5 billion liquidation in April.
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Irish SWF emerges solid and sets long-term asset allocation

The equities allocation of the Irish National Pensions Reserve Fund fluctuated enormously in 2009 as the fund was directed to by the Minister for Finance to invest  €7 billion in preference shares issued by Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Banks to recapitalise the banks. Amanda White spoke to Eugene O’Callaghan, head of the investment […]