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Funds team up on G7 priorities

A group of institutional investors are collaborating to address the G7 priorities of climate change, gender inequality and the infrastructure gap, agreeing to commit resources and expertise.

Post-Brexit uncertainty reigns

‘Selective optimism’ in UK real estate, infrastructure and other assets characterises investors across Europe as they scramble to tell the genuine opportunities from fool’s gold following Brexit.

Rethinking investment performance attribution

As asset owners move away from silo-based investment decision making, their performance attribution systems also need to evolve. The Alberta Investment Management Corporation AimCo, the C$70 billion arm’s length investment manager for public sector assets in Alberta, Canada, has implemented a new performance attribution system based on how managers actually make their investment decisions.   […]

GTAA and institutional investment management

The $70 billion AIMCo uses global tactical asset allocation to help add return in excess of passive portfolios. This research piece details how it has used GTAA over the past few years, advising other funds that executing a successful GTAA requires developing world-class talent, systems, process and governance.   To access the paper click below […]