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    Climate tops risks, complicated by pandemic

    Climate action failure tops the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2022 as the number one long-term threat to the world. The pandemic has added further complication with the resulting divergent economic recovery threatening the collaboration needed on climate and other global challenges.
    Asset Allocation

    Border to Coast: Securing access to the best managers

    The United Kingdom's Border to Coast pension pool has just mandated to a new private markets managers. Mark Lyon explains how the manager accessed the brightest and the best. The private markets allocation is on track to deliver promised fee reductions, despite mandating to expensive, sought-after external managers.
    Forces of Nature

    Different Approach, Different Outcome

    In the search for outperformance, investors have become more accepting of alternative approaches. Dynamic Equity utilizes different return drivers than traditional active equity strategies.
    Forces of Nature

    Supply Chain Reaction

    Chaos for Christmas? We unwrap the global supply chain crisis that is impacting holiday gifting this year.