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Local Authorities Pension Plan – Alberta

The Board believes its purpose in pursuit of the Vision, or its Mission, is to: Manage the Plan for members and engage stakeholders to deliver the best possible pensions at the best possible cost. The Board embraces the following Vision for the Plan and aspires to its success: A leading pension plan helping members achieve their retirement dreams. As the 7th largest pension plan in Canada with a pension fund of over $50-billion, LAPP is one of the Canadian public sector pension funds that is considered a model for success across the world pension landscape. LAPP encourages collaboration between our important stakeholders, our Boards and our diverse partners. This strong collaboration paired with LAPP’s independent governance system is a recipe for success in fulfilling our Mission & Vision and providing retirement security to our members.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Christopher Brown


Gil McGowan/Darren Sander

Asset allocation

26.5% Fixed Income

33% Inflation Sensitive & Alternatives

7% Canadian Equity

17.5% Global Developed Equity

5% Emerging Markets Equity

5% Global Small Cap Equity

6% Private Equity

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