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Alaska Retirement Management Board

The Alaska Retirement Management Board assumed fiduciary responsibility for the assets of the state’s retirement systems as of October 1, 2005. The board consists of nine trustees and is staffed by the Department of Revenue – Treasury Division. The board appoints an Investment Advisory Council (IAC) composed of three members who possess experience and expertise in financial investments and management of investment portfolios. ARMB also contracts with an external consulting firm for assistance with asset allocation, strategy, performance measurement, general consulting purposes and with a consulting firm for assistance with investing the real estate portfolio. The primary mission of the Alaska Retirement Management Board is to serve as the trustee of the assets of the state’s retirement systems, the State of Alaska Supplemental Annuity Plan, the deferred compensation program for state employees, and the Alaska retiree health care trusts. The Board has the fiduciary obligation to manage and invest these assets in a manner that is sufficient to meet the liabilities and pension obligations of the systems, plan, program and trusts.


United States

AUM ($B)


Chief Investment Officer

Zachery Hanna


Bob Williams

Asset allocation

21% Fixed Income

29% Broad Domestic Equity

17% Global Equity Ex-US

6% Opportunistic

15% Private Equity

12% Real Assets related articles
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